Privacy Policy

EasyMeets realizes the importance of privacy for each of our users, and we want you to feel secure using our services, and this privacy statement is to assist you to understand and explain how we accumulate, service, and reveal your details.

In this record, we will employ a few phrases to explain different effects and functions. All input, data, knowledge, software, illustrations, photos, and more that we may make available to you.

EasyMeets users are the people who have to create an EasyMeets account and the people who have organized a meeting with an EasyMeets user but may or may not have registered with an EasyMeets (external users).

EasyMeets users give us clear data such as name, email, and phone number; email of other people; the issue of the meeting; and other data delivered to us or as instructed by the EasyMeets user upon schedule, according to the EasyMeets Representations of Use. If you receive an invitation from an EasyMeets user but do not wish to be an EasyMeets user, contact the EasyMeets user who sent the invitation via additional means to select your meeting.

EasyMeets users can link their calendar and integration checks the time and active/inactive status of the possibilities in the user calendar so that we don’t book you when you’re unable. EasyMeets doesn't keep with whom you have booked met, their email, the meeting name, or any other points regarding the positions in your added calendar.

Our app uses Google APIs to provide integration with Google Calendar. We are committed to complying with the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements. This means that any information we receive from Google APIs will only be used and transferred to other apps in accordance with this policy. To learn more about the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements, please visit the following link: Google API Services User Data Policy

We use Zoom integration to facilitate video conferencing features on our platform. Our use of Zoom integration is in accordance with the Zoom API License and Terms of Use, and we do not collect or store any Zoom user data beyond what is necessary to provide these features: Zoom API License and Terms of Use

EasyMeets uses cookies, web beacons, and other technologies to obtain and keep specific kinds of data when you enter with us to your computer. These technologies allow us to customize your experience with our product, improve your knowledge, and tailor messages.

If you use EasyMeets, servers automatically register data, including data that your browser sends whenever you visit EasyMeets. This information can have the web address, device model, operating system, browser type, individual device identifier, IP address, mobile network, time zone, and location. EasyMeets collects some or all of this data, often relying on what type of device is using and its settings.

When the user gets access to our services we can use “Cookies” (a little text file sent by your device each time you visit EasyMeets, unique to your EasyMeets account) or similar technologies. EasyMeets uses cookies and may use "session" cookies or "persistent" cookies.

EasyMeets will use your data provided; including facilitating scheduling; handling the account; replying to questions and other customer service and support goals.

EasyMeets can send you service and administrative emails to provide the benefit of functioning properly. EasyMeets will also email you about your calendar positions. These notifications are considered part of the benefit and you may not opt-out of these notifications.

East Meets will also use your data to reply to your questions or remind you about appointments to take, and canceled meetings.

EasyMeets may contact you to notify you about news about your services, our benefit, and further important service-related information.

EasyMeets use your data to comply with relevant lawful or regulatory responsibilities, including complying with recommendations from law enforcement or other governmental authorities, or in legal proceedings.

EasyMeets does not sell your information to any third person or disclose it in exchange for benefits or other valuable considerations.

EasyMeets will never use Invitee data to mail direct marketing via emails, SMS, or physical mailings to advertise or promote the use of our product and services or those of a third party.

EasyMeets keep your data correct and complete, you can log in to check and edit your account details, including contact via your account settings page. You may also contact us to ask for information about the personal data we have gathered from you and to ask for the edit or deletion of such information.

EasyMeets will do its best to keep your requests subject to any legal and contractual duties. If you would like to make a request, cancel or request your account we delete or no longer use your account information to deliver to you. EasyMeets have taken appropriate steps to help safeguard the personal data that were collected.

EasyMeets takes the protection of your data very seriously. EasyMeets works hard to defend the personal information that you provide.

You can take measures to protect against unauthorized entry to your device and account by, among other things, selecting a special and complicated password that nobody else knows or can easily guess and saving your log-in and password confidential.

EasyMeets is not responsible for any missing, robbed, or compromised passwords or for any activity on your account via unauthorized password activity.

EasyMeets keep the personal data, and we gather it for as long as is reasonably necessary to achieve the goals for which the data was gathered and to complete our contractual and legal duties.